Hi I could do with a bit of help on optimum PIC18F2680 CAN timing settings.
It is correctly terminated with 120R resistors at both ends.

I'm confused by quanta etc.

The PIC data sheet is attached and I have tried the three lots of settings shown in the code tags below.
I also tried various online calculators.

What do you think the optimum register settings should be for the 32mhz PIC and 500kbps 3 Meter CAN bus? :unsure:

'Test1 Doesn't Work at all

'BRGCON1 = %01000001 'brp = 2(32 mhz), jump 2 TQ (SWJ)

'BRGCON2 = %10011000 'freely programmable , sample once, 4TQ seg1, propagation time 1Tq

'BRGCON3 = %00000011 '4TQ seg2   

'Test2 Works Better. (This is the one I am using at present but I still have some errors)

BRGCON1 = %01000001 'brp = 2(32 mhz), jump 2 TQ (SWJ)

BRGCON2 = %10101110 'freely programmable , sample once, 6TQ seg1, propagation time 7Tq

BRGCON3 = %00000001 '2TQ seg2       

'Original Works + Errors

'BRGCON1 = %00000001 'brp = 2(32 mhz), jump 1 TQ (SWJ)

'BRGCON2 = %10001111 'freely programmable , sample once, 2TQ seg1, propagation time 8Tq

'BRGCON3 = %00000100 '5TQ seg2