So last week I was in Atlanta,Georgia. While there I went to the regional headquarters of Microchip. Due to the pandemic the building was almost empty. In the upper floors I found the Microchip office. There was only one person in the regional headquarters. Kurt Elbert is the Senior Regional Sales Manager. He and I talked for ten or fifteen minutes about various things including my reason for being there. TEN YEARS AGO I purchased a Real ICE. It programmed as expected but would not debug and failed the loopback test. At that time I was spending most of my days working long hours and traveling from coast to coast preparing for my retirement. I didn't have time to contact Microchip, take out a ticket, and go through the process of solving my problem with the Real ICE. I explained this to Kurt. In spite of the fact that Microchip no longer actively supports Real ICE, Kurt said "No problem, leave it with me and I'll have someone check it out and if there is a problem we will find you a new one". Three days later I received a new Real ICE in the mail! Thank you Kurt, Thank you Microchip!