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    Default Pickit 2 and 3 Standalone IDE

    Long time ago I used the standalone IDE for the Pickit2 and Pickit3 but the program was a bit buggy.

    Now, Evan at http://pickitplus.co.uk/ has developed his own IDE that is identical to the old one. As he stated, development continuous and will include other chips too. I asked for a specific PIC24 that I hope to use soon.

    Last edited by Ioannis; - 26th March 2019 at 14:53. Reason: Deleted phrase "but currently for 8 bit MCU" because it does support all chips in PICKitPlusDevices.txt

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    According to the readme a healthy range of F, HJ and FJ Pic24 devices were covered, as well as a bunch of Pic33's. Never tried so it may be aspiration rather than reality. Don't forget if you want to try Pic24's under basic, the opposition offer free use with PIC24EP128MC202, PIC24FJ64GA002, PIC24FJ64GA004, PIC24HJ128GP502, PIC24F04KL101, dsPIC33FJ128GP802

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    Yes George I saw that too and asked Evan to clarify on this.

    My needs grow and soon (hopefully) I will need an MCU like PIC24 series. Maybe the PDS is a good starting point as the waiting for PBP takes tooo long now.


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