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    Default Programming several PICs on same PCB board

    My current project involves using 3 PICs; PIC18F14K50, PIC18F26K42, and PIC16F18426...all on the same board. Can I install jumpers between the PIC's Vpp and the IDC 4 / PICkit3 (etc) ICSP header? The idea is to jump Vpp on the PIC I want to program next. This would leave DAT & CLK lines permanently connected. I left these pins dedicated for ICSP (no secondary use in circuit).
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    Default Re: Programming several PICs on same PCB board

    Data and clock pin then must be set as inputs if you don't put MCLR of unused PIC's to GND.
    And then should work, if you menage to preserve signal integrity.
    That will depend mainly on programmer you use and PCB layout. Main issue is parasitic capacitance of PIC pin's and PCB traces.
    I would simply put 3x 5pin header, or test pad and make pogo pin jig to program it.
    If you change jumpers, then you must change hex 3 times for single board. If not done automatically, it will be slower then to flash one pic, on all board, then second, etc.
    Another approach would be to make 7pin header, and to put jumpers on programmer interface board. If board size is critical.
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