I'm building a nixie clock, which does not uses any specific decoder ICs or multiplexer. Instead, all nixie digits are connected to individual MCU pins via transistors. It uses DS1302 as clock source. Time received from DS1302 is converted into single number in 24 hour format, for example, it time is 15:53, this number will read as 1553. Using DIG statement I'm extracting individual digits from it, so I have 4 variables, called T1-T4, which have data for individual number to be displayed on specific digit. The pin numbers to which nixies are connected are aliases in the following way - A0-A9 for numbers in 1st digit, B0-B9 for numbers in 2nd digit, C0-C9 and D0-D9 for 3rd and 4th digits correspondingly. So now, to display time, I need to run the following code:

IF T1=0 THEN A0=1
IF T1=1 THEN A1=1
IF T1=2 THEN A2=1
IF T1=3 THEN A3=1
IF T1=4 THEN A4=1

and so on, total, 40 lines (not shown is code for extinguishing all non-used numbers, but I'm doing it at same time for all digits)

So question is, is there a way to avoid all these if-then lines and do it somehow in more elegant way?

Thanks in advance!