16F88 internal oscillator ?
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    Default 16F88 internal oscillator ?

    Have never used this chip before, wondering about the internal osc as there may be more to it than meets the eye. Looked at some posts which are dead ends.

    First of all, does it default to the internal osc? Should I just do nothing?
    I tried this OSCCON setting but no luck.

    I know my code will work fine if I can get over the hump on this -- seems it's always a configuration problem that slows me down.

    Thanks kindly for any help. I just need the int osc at 4mhz, which will be fine.

    OSCCON = %01101000 '01111000 is 8mhz

    ANSEL = 0
    CMCON = 7

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    Default Re: 16F88 internal oscillator ?

    And yes, chose internal clock on EPIC when I programmed.

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    Default Re: 16F88 internal oscillator ?

    My bad -- looks like it's fine.

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