I've mentioned before, I'm an occasional programmer so hard to commit things to memory -- hence the many questions.

Ok -- so I bought the latest PBP gold (3.1) and MCS+ (V5) yesterday.

I've been working on something with the 16F88 and all has been fine but needed more memory so going to the 16F1847 and updating all the software was needed for me to work with this chip.

(1) I just compiled in MCS and get an error "unable to execute MPASMWIN". ?
I do not have "use the mpasmx assembler" checked, as I never had that checked before in my old setup. Fact is, I'm confused about all of that anyway, when and why should I use the MPASM assembler? Or ever? (Never used it before).

(2) If anyone knows, in my code for the 16F88, I had ADCON = 0 and CMCON = 7 (porta all digital and comparators off?) -- anyway, worked fine but with 16F1847, I get errors on both of these statements. I know each chip has different configuration needs -- what would they be for the 16F1847?

THANKS. I'm sure I'll have more questions.