PBP3 and Mplabx5.10
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    Default PBP3 and Mplabx5.10


    Has someone succeeded with that damn couple ????

    MPLABX 5.05 was working fine ... but looks 5.10 once more, is buggy ...

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    Default Re: PBP3 and Mplabx5.10

    MPLABX 5.10 seems to be working with MicroCode Studio & PBP3.1.1.4. It also works fine with XC8_16, including DEBUG & SIM. I haven't tried using PBP inside MPLABX.

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    Default Re: PBP3 and Mplabx5.10

    I haven't been able to get PBP working in mplabx 5.10 and I've tried just about every combination of install/uninstall/download/manually add tool I could think of.

    I always end up with a 'Compiler toolchain "PICBASIC-PRO" of type "PICBASIC-PRO" does not exist' message.

    I don't know if this matters or not, but when I look at the embedded build tool selection PBP shows as type "PICBASIC PRO" with a tm mark (and no hyphen). It's that way in previous mplabx installs and it works ok, but maybe 5.10 doesn't like it.

    You could try submitting a support ticket and see if they have anything to say other than "contact PBP"

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    Default Re: PBP3 and Mplabx5.10

    Is there any way to make syntax highlighter to work in newer versions?
    I'm stuck at 2.05...

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    Default Re: PBP3 and Mplabx5.10

    Don't think so... that was the function of the Language Tool plugin and that was removed.

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    Default Re: PBP3 and Mplabx5.10

    So, I'll just stick with 2.05 as log as I can... For now I don't have any major reason to update...
    I don't get who is responsible for maintaining plugins for MPLABX.
    Any idea how to get to plugin source? Maybe to publish plugin as open source?

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