DS1302 RTC Loop issues
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    Default DS1302 RTC Loop issues

    Hi All

    Just a quick question look for help maybe ..... I have the following code with a DS1307

    gettime:    I2CRead SDA, SCL, $D0, $00, [RTCSec, RTCMin, RTCHour, RTCDay, RTCDate, RTCMonth, RTCYear, RTCCtrl]
                pause 5
    ' Main program loop 
    mainloop:   Gosub gettime        ' Read the time from the RTC
                'IF (RTCHour=$17) and (RTCMin=$15) Then  
                'gosub number ' flash  in Morse
                'IF (RTCHour=$18) and (RTCMin=$15) Then  
                'gosub number ' flash  in Morse
                'IF (RTCHour=$19) and (RTCMin=$15) Then  
                'gosub number ' flash  in Morse
                IF (RTCHour=$19) and (RTCMin=$30) Then 
                gosub Led_On ' Led on  for a bit 
                IF (RTCHour=$19) and (RTCMin=$59) Then 
                gosub Led_On ' Led on  for a bit 
                'IF (RTCHour=$17) and (RTCMin=$59) Then
                'gosub Led_Off ' Led off
                If (ir=0) then
                gosub on_four ' then on for four mins
                gosub number ' Jumps to 3003 in morse
                'Pause 500           ' Do it about 2 times a min
                Goto mainloop        ' Do it forever and ever and ever
     'Light control routines             
    Led_On:     'high Led
                for time = 1 to 20  'On for 90 Mins
                high led
                pause 60000
                next time
                low led
    Number: High Led
                  Pause 6000
                 Low Led
    Which seems to work mostly..... is there a better way of reading the clock ?? occasionally it misbehaves / doesn't work or turns on at wrong time or jumps to number label ...

    Just looking for pointers

    Thank you
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    Default Re: DS1302 RTC Loop issues

    I've used the following, which may help

    CH1_on_Time      var word                'stores the on time as a digit in minutes, eg 14:00hrs = 840
    TimeH           var byte                 'variable to store Hours
    TimeM           var byte                 'variable to store Minutes
    SS              VAR Byte                 'variable to store Seconds
    RTCsec          var byte                'RTC Seconds
    RTCMin          var byte		        'RTC Minutes
    RTCHour         var byte	            'RTC Hours
    RTCWDay         var byte	            ' Weekday
    RTCDay          var byte		        ' Day
    RTCMonth        var byte	            ' Months
    RTCYear         var byte	            ' Year
    RTCCtrl         var byte	            ' Control 
    Counter1        var word                'used to store the current time as a digit.  Counts minutes from 0000 at midnight
    lightsetHR          VAR word[16]                   
      lightsetHR1       VAR lightsetHR[0]     'CH1 on time hour
    LightsetHR is an array of 16, but you could simply set it to a word variable

    Then the main code in the loop

    I2CRead SDApin,SCLpin,$D0,$00,[RTCSec,RTCMin,RTCHour]   ' read the RTC
    timeH=(RTCHour>>4)                        'convert the BCD format of the hours register and store in variable timeH
    timeH=(timeH &$03)*10
    timeM=(RTCMin>>4)                         'convert the BCD format of the mins register and store in variable timeM
    timeM=(timeM &$07)*10
    ss=(RTCSec>>4)                            'convert the BCD format of the sec register and store in variable ss
    ss=(ss &$07)*10
    Counter1 = (TimeH *60)+ TimeM             'take hours and multiply it by 60 then add odd minutes to get the total minutes into counter1
    LCDOut $FE,$C0+11,#TimeH DIG 1,#TimeH DIG 0,":",#TimeM DIG 1,#TimeM DIG 0          'display the current time on the LCD
    gosub checktimes                            'routine for converting the HRs and Mins into a minutes
    ' converts the set hour and set min into minutes and places the result in the on time variable
    CH1_on_Time = (lightsetHR1*60)+lightsetMN1
    and then the matching

    If Counter1 => CH1_on_Time and counter1 < CH1_off_time then                     ' check to see if the time in minutes since midnight matches the Channel on time
    Hope that helps
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