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    To save time thought I'd just ask if anyone knows off hand. I need something like the 16F88 (same pinout) but need a bit more memory than the 7K. Anyone have a part number(s) for me? -- thanks !

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    I looked into that a long while ago and was told to optimize my code (which I did) or move to an 18F part. The 18F part number recommendations did not have the same pinout. Unless Microchip released a new part with the same pinout, perhaps you can tweak your code or post it for some suggestions to whittle it down.

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    Why not try an 16F1847? Same pinout and more memory.. I've been using them for a while...
    Dave Purola,

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    thanks Dave. I'll order some -- saved me spending an hour on digikey.

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    Microchip has a part selector guide that also saves time. To find older parts you have to click on "Show All Products" near the top.


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