Recently I decided to learn to program in C, and learn about the 16-bit PIC processors. I bought a couple of books, the Microchip Explorer 16/32 Development Board, the PIC24FJ128GA010 mezzanine, downloaded a couple dozen "User's Guide"s and tutorials, and have been fighting that steep learning curve. The frustrating thing is that Microchip changed so many things with MPLABX, Microchip Code Generator, and even what they call the C language (went from C90 to C99 with the latest update); the books don't match what I see on the screen. I type in code verbatim from the book and the compiler kicks it back with errors. Many of the Application Notes don't work anymore, following along, I can't find what they're talking about because it's now somewhere else!

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the simplicity and clarity of PBP. The User's Manual was published last in 2013 and still works. Interjecting ASM is so incredibly simple (compared to XC8_16). I guess you don't really appreciate genius until you get dunked in a bucket of mediocrity.