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    Default PICKIT 3 -- never used it

    Been quite a while since I've done anything with my PBP. I have one of these PICKIT 3 programmers that I've never used (always used the MELABS with a parallel port!) -- anyway, I searched about it and that's always a pain.

    So I have my hex file(s) -- so how in the heck do I program the chip with this PICKIT3?

    What is the simplest way to get that done? -- thanks much.

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    Default Re: PICKIT 3 -- never used it

    There is a ZIF socket that came with it -- and no instructions at all of course.

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    Default Re: PICKIT 3 -- never used it

    ZIF-socket with a PICKit3? EBAY clone?

    Anyway, generally you use it In-Circuit, wire up PGD, PGC, Vpp, Vss, Vdd to the approriate pins of the target device. On the software side you can use MPLAB8, MPLABX, MPLAB IPE or the standalone programming software or the commandline interface which you can, in turn, set up to work from withn MicroCode Studio as a single click compile-and-program.

    The PICKit3 user guide is here:

    I've written a post describing how to use the MPLAB IPE command line tool:

    And here's thread describing how to use th old PK3Cmd.exe command line tool:

    Or you can just use it with the standalone MPLAB IPE software.

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    Default Re: PICKIT 3 -- never used it

    You plug the PK3 into the board with the ZIF socket then run one of the PK3 programming programs. The idea of the ZIF socket is to allow you to programme a device wich is on a board without an ICSP socket.

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    Default Re: PICKIT 3 -- never used it

    BTW, this is a Pickit3 clone. I ran into something called the PICKIT3 programming application but can't find it for download. Seems there are many steps to simply burning a hex file to a chip with what I've seen using MPLAB ?

    I may stick with my old Epic programmer -- easy -- just open the hex file, do a bit of configuration and that's it. Is there a program for the pickit3 that is that simple? -- thank you

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    Default Re: PICKIT 3 -- never used it

    If you configure PK3cmd for thr PBP IDE, programming will be essencially automatic.

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