Microcode Studio accommodates the use of alternate programming hardware devices, such as the PICKit3 & 4 and Microchip development board on-board programmers, so that the single click "Compile Program" function compiles and loads the hex file into the user's target device. While it's certainly possible only to "Compile" and use MPLAB_X_IPE to load the hex file (and have the advantage of memory contents inspection), many users (including me) find the single step "Compile Program" more convenient.
Installing a new programmer is not an especially obvious procedure (I had no idea where to start), and specifying related command parameters is somewhat abstract. I've managed to collect enough bit and pieces from this forum and other websites to have installed programming capability for the PICKit3 and for Microchip's Curiosity Board on-board programmer. I thought a document that describes this complete procedure would be useful to others who want to accomplish the same.
I welcome comments on the attached and will revise and update it accordingly.MCS_Pgmr_Install.pdf