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    Default Using the DMCI Tool

    Hi everybody,

    Have some of you used (or tryied to use) the DMCI Tool (Data Monitor and Control Interface) ?
    It looks very promising with the possibilty to graphically modify and observe variables.
    But, always the same question : does it work correctly with PBP ?

    Any feedback ?

    My environment : 18F2685 / 18F26K22 - PBP 3.1 - MPLAB 8.92 - Pickit 2 and 3, and Real Ice just received this morning and still unpacked !

    Thank you for your advice


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    Default Re: Using the DMCI Tool

    DMCI isn't supported using any 8-bit chips... you need a PIC24/33.

    The RealIce is just shy of a very expensive paperweight when used with a pic16/pic18. Very few of its features work with them.
    Nothing to do with PBP really... it's that way with the Microchip IDEs as well.

    If it's possible I'd return it, get an ICD3, and put $300 back in the bank.

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