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Thread: Goodbye

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    I for one, am a guy that started with Basic and found it very difficult to jump over to C.

    Tried many times but seems too difficult...

    Especially the beast called MPLAB-X.


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    I work with Visual Studio's Visual "Basic", which is a blend of Basic & C. That is helping me learn XC8.

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    I for one will always use the Best compiler I have found in the last 20+ years or so, PBP3.1.1. I have written MANY projects for the company I worked for as well as MANY of my own projects. I was brought up on BASIC and It seems so straight forward that I don't understand why any body wound switch. I'm 66 years old and the new kids on the block seem to get off on the ARDUINO rage thinking they can do anything with a PRE-MADE boards and some LIBRARIES that someone else wrote for them with minimum documentation. Well that's NOT for me.. I just retired (2 weeks ago) from a prominent 2nd tier supplier of automotive electronics after 39 years of being a Test Engineer and have about 75+ different durability pcb's running code written in from PBP2.6 to PBP3.1.1 as I speak. Some are for Keyless entry and some are for Braking and others are for keyless ignition, From RF decoding to RF encoding. I only HOPE that MELABS keep's on supporting the Language as there compiler seems to be the best I have found..
    I for one will keep supporting them until there out of business and beyond. Hopefully NOT soon....
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    Dave Purola,

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    Quote Originally Posted by richard View Post
    it would be nice to see an xc8 support group established here on this forum
    Members seem keen on the "C" language path based on the number of questions and responses regarding available books for beginners.
    I too am progressing down this path and note there is a distinct shortage of "friendly" user groups or forums.

    I second Richard's comment regarding the establishment of an XC8 support group here on this forum.


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