PCF8563 date data corrupted

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    Default PCF8563 date data corrupted

    PIC16F628, Pic Basic Pro 2.60, Pickit programmer

    Good day ,
    Below is my code to read the PCF8563:

    I2Cread SDA,SCL,rtcadd,rtcloc,[secs,minu,hrs,DoM,doW,mon,year]
    gosub waita 'read D&T data then wait 10ms

    write $20,secs,minu,hrs, DoM,doW,mon,year 'write D&T data to F628 eeprom

    When I read the data in the F628 eeprom I get correct minutes seconds and hours but the DoM,dOW,mon,year
    data is corrupt. Every time I run that code the calendar data changes to something different and sometimes
    some of the data is correct.

    When I set alarms they work correctly.

    When I replace the PCF8563 with a DS1307 and change the addresses accordingly, the program works perfectly.

    I want to use this PCF8563 because it has alarms and battery voltage sensing that the DS1307 doesn't have.

    I have also tried 3k3 resistors on SCL & SDA instead of 4k7 but that made no difference.

    Can somebody help please.

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    Default Re: PCF8563 date data corrupted

    you need to mask off the bits that are not used for the value being returned

        minu = minu & $7f
        hrs  = hrs  & $3f
        Dow  = dow  & 7
        Dom  = dom  & $3f
        mon  = mon  & $1f
    This is more entertaining than Free to Air TV

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    Default Re: PCF8563 date data corrupted

    Thank you very much Richard , your advice fixed my problem.
    I am so happy 'cause I really like this chip.
    Now I can apply my mind to getting an interrupt every minute which
    appears to be quite cumbersome.


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