Hi to all To this time i`m working whit a hc-05 bluetooth module to capture information for other device, unfortunatelly actual systems only works whit none,odd and even the other device that i`m trying to connect works whit Mark and space parity. Reading some post here,in some cases for hserin,hserout you can build a parity whit 8n2, in my case i need to work whit 9600 bauds, exist some posibility to build a parity generator in microcontroller and connect whit hc-05 to get something similar for emulation to mark parity mode?. the most close that i`m to be to get all chars reception is setting the bluetooth whit 9600,e,2, but i can` t get all the strings if change to the odd y can see the other chars part. However or at least for now i can see that you can`t change the parity of the hc-05 at the fly. I appreciatte if could give me some tips to try to solve my trouble or maybe exist some bluetooth module whit more performance. Thanks in advance. Brainless