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Thread: Pic18f25q10?

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    Just received notification from Microchip they have introduced a new line of PIC18F processors. We have the K22, K40, and now they are naming the new offerings with a "Q"; PIC18F25Q10. Just downloaded the data sheet, not sure what makes them unique just yet.

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    I'm sure there are some differences between the K40 and Q10 (there always seem to be), but it's hard to tell what they are.

    The 26Q10 and larger have Configurable Logic Cell (CLC) peripherals which I don't think the K40 has, but they're not released yet.

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    I had a closer read of the datasheet for the Q10 and I think I found the real difference between it and the K series.

    There are no LF devices in the Q10 family. It seems to be rated for full operation up to 64MHz over the entire 1.8V-5V VDD range.

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    be nice if they released a larger program space of 160kb of 8 bit chips , it areas from datasheets they have reserved the space for it

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