Little Rocket Man :D

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    Default Little Rocket Man :D

    Hi Guys

    I thought you might appreciate this one.
    A look at the General Instruments SP0256, with pic 16F628A. The software is actually all PicBASIC.

    You might even remember the project book in the video,
    but the project makes a dramatic departure from the book almost immediately.

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    Default Re: Little Rocket Man :D

    Hi Brek,

    Nice job, I immediately recognized the "... Next Tuesday" phrase and had a chuckle! You are dead right - not too many people are aware of the term. I recall a long time ago sending an email to a manager (copied to his staff) who was a caring, understanding, nineties type of guy which had the desired effect of him pulling his head in a bit and thereafter was quite approachable.

    I still have one of those SPO256 chips (and its mate, a text to speech IIRC) around somewhere that I wired like yours with a heap of wirewrap and pins. If I'm not mistaken GI became Microchip or was absorbed by them a long time ago.

    Kind regards,

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    Default Re: Little Rocket Man :D

    Hi There I won’t say your name, because I don’t know if that’s ok with you in public forum, but thanks

    To be honest, you prompted me to Google the phrase “See you next Tuesday”. I honestly had no idea what that meant.
    Obviously the book author had some sense of humour

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    Great video, your retro projects are cool. By the way you can saw those narrow dip sockets in half to fit any width IC.

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