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    Has any one used the LCD write commands with a HD44780 "like" controller. Several OLED modules are advertised this way. How much "like" is my question? Did anyone find that the similarities were minor or did it require a complete rewrite? I hope to move into 3V OLED character displays for projects.

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    In the past I have used some of the OLED displays BUT, at the time they only had a life expectancy of about 500 to 10000 hours. They were right. I did however have no problem using the PBP commands to write to them.
    Dave Purola,

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    Good point. I found a few with 80,000hr. life expectancy (50% luminosity). OK for me, I'm going for it, cost around $30 US.

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    Is there any special reason why one should pay 30 bucks for an LCD?


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