Hello All,

I'm looking around for some serial-to-Wifi modules connecting to a Wifi virtual com port on the PC.

The only product I found up to now is this one here: http://www.tronicore.com/en/serial-wifi-adapter

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This example shows an "ad-hoc" setup but I would also bee happy with an "infrastructure" system.

I bought one of these for testing (not received yet) but their interface is too big to fit in the project I built already; in any case, I will have to find a smaller module.

I might not be the best Googler on earth, but I'm surprised not being able to find more than this only example (...especially for a VCOM piece of software). Is the vocabulary I use for searching wrong? Does this system have a particular name? Is this not common at all?

If anyone has seen/done/found something like this before I'll be really happy the here about