I am working with PBP3.1 and Microcode Studio Plus and a PIC18F67K40. I like writing my programs in Microcode Studio Plus and PicBasic Pro 3.1 Gold.
Perhaps I am missing something when I compile because there seems to be no seamless way to go straight into ICSP programming on my Microchip ICD3 programmer. It isn't a selection on the list of programmers and I don't think the instructions for adding a new programmer are clear to me.
What I have to do is keep Microcode Studio running and Microchip's MPLAB IPE running in a different Window (Windows 10). The MPLAB IPE is connected to the Microchip ICD3 programmer and watches for changes in the compiled hex file. If it spots a change to the hex file, the "minimized" MPLAB IPE icon at the bottom of the screen lights up orange and asks if I want to load the new hex file. Now all of this interconnection in these programming aids is amazing and makes life easier for me and I appreciate it...... BUT... isn't there a way to add the ICD3 to list of programmers for a seamless flow from PBP and MCSX to ICD3 programming? I really don't want to use MPLAB IPE if I don't have to.
Any input on how to incorporate the ICD3 programmer into the PBP3/MCSX operation?