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    Default Unable to Open Include File

    I know this question has been posted numerous times, and I have done several searches relating to it, but I cannot solve this problem.
    I'm using PBP 2.6. I have several programs that use DT's interrupts with no problem. I am in the process of setting up another old computer (Windows XP). Programs using DT_INTS-14.BAS, REENTER PBP.BAS, and ALLDIGITAL.PBP Includes run just fine. When I try to use DT-INTS-18.BAS and REENTER PBP-18.BAS, I get the error, only on that computer. My other computer is also Windows XP.

    All of the Includes are in PBP root directory ( also put them in PBP Include directory as well - probably not needed.)

    I am totally at a loss as to what could be causing this - - any suggestions?


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    Default Re: Unable to Open Include File

    Have you verified that the file extension is .bas and not .pbp?
    As long as the file is in the PBP folder or in the same folder as the source file from which you include the other file(s) it should work.


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    Default Re: Unable to Open Include File

    Thanks Henrik :

    Yes, the extension is ,bas. I wonder if it has something to do with the computer - -
    I am running two other XP's using the same programs, etc. Both work just fine. Perhaps I will try deleting all the related include files and re-load them. This is not the end of the world for me, just a real PITA, not to mention my desire to find out why.

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    Default Re: Unable to Open Include File

    Any reason why you are running such an old OS on the PC's

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    Default Re: Unable to Open Include File

    No reason at all. I'm satisfied with them.

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    Default Re: Unable to Open Include File

    You do know how vulnerable XP is these days - Updates stopped years ago !

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    Default Re: Unable to Open Include File

    Thanks . . . If you have anything to contribute to my original question, Thanks again - - else please stick to the topic

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    Default Re: Unable to Open Include File

    Your missing my point. It may be due to the OS that the file can't be opened on that machine, a missing dll file, registry entry for file association, etc...corrupted permission rights (registry again)...

    Either try a fresh reinstall of your XP, or update your OS, provided the hardware is supported.

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    Default Re: Unable to Open Include File

    It's extremely unlikely to be your operating system. The most likely cause is a minor typo in the file name, or path. ( a"," instead of a "." for example can be hard to spot. Other than that, it's pretty bulletproof.

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    Default Re: Unable to Open Include File

    Also I've found the file has to be in the same sub-directory as the program source code. Although I'm told you can specify the complete path, I've never tried that.

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    Default Re: Unable to Open Include File

    1. check the full path if it is not in the root directory.

    2. check the file name as you have written DT- and DT_. Which is true in your case?

    3. OS does not matter for this case. I still use an old PC for things newer ones cannot do, especially matters with Unicode etc. I wish I had even an 98 machine now for an unsolvable problem with old fonts.


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    Default Re: Unable to Open Include File

    There are PLENTY of cases I wish they hadn't killed XP. Almost daily, in fact. And for those that think we are all going to instantly die if we keep using it, please remember that some of us do more with computers than surf the web. Lots of uses for an older machine off line.

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    Default Re: Unable to Open Include File

    There’s as much reason to use an archaic desktop OS as there is to use an even more archaic compiler with similarly archaic 8 bit pics.

    Does your installation compile other PBP programs that don’t use any include files? You say you see an error, but didn’t say what that is,
    or if MPLAB is involved, etc.

    In any case as a last resort, you could do what include does, and include the file you are including.
    includes, and in C, .h files, exist to avoid clutter, but I’d sooner do that than reinstalling Windows over it.
    In some cases I modified the includes enough that each program needed it’s own version of DT stuff anyway.

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    Default Re: Unable to Open Include File

    The errors (Actually a Warnings) are:

    WARNING Unable to open INCLUDE file DT_INTS-18.BAS
    WARNING Unable to open INCLUDE file REENTERPBP-18.BAS

    Those INCLUDES are in the PBP root directory (along with all other INCLUDES that work, every time, all the time).
    The spelling and format on those two INCLUDES is correct (checked, and reloaded, several times).
    Any other PBP program I have ever used on this computer , compile, program, and work 100%

    Actually this thread should probably be closed - I am not all that concerned about THIS problem on THAT computer. It is only used for convenience, since it will open and work with Mr E's MultiCalc. I asked this question more out of curiosity than anything else.
    Thanks to all that responded.

    All my other "Lab Computers" are XP's and I will keep them that way. They are not used for Web browsing, only for program development and debugging. I'm 100% satisfied with them, and see no reason to upgrade them.

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    Default Re: Unable to Open Include File

    Here is my point:

    Check file attributes;

    Right click the files that work; see how their attributes are applied; and apply the same attributes to other two that do not work.
    "If the Earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital." Napoleon Bonaparte

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    Default Re: Unable to Open Include File

    First of all, thanks to everyone that responded.


    These tired old eyes are not what they used to be. Turns out, the Include file REENTERPBP-18.BAS had TWO DOTS between 18 and BAS


    I had copied and pasted the files numerous times, but just perpetuated the problem. Not sure what caused the other warning, perhaps this caused that as well - - Anyway, all is good.

    Thanks again for everyone's suggestions

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