I know this question has been posted numerous times, and I have done several searches relating to it, but I cannot solve this problem.
I'm using PBP 2.6. I have several programs that use DT's interrupts with no problem. I am in the process of setting up another old computer (Windows XP). Programs using DT_INTS-14.BAS, REENTER PBP.BAS, and ALLDIGITAL.PBP Includes run just fine. When I try to use DT-INTS-18.BAS and REENTER PBP-18.BAS, I get the error, only on that computer. My other computer is also Windows XP.

All of the Includes are in PBP root directory ( also put them in PBP Include directory as well - probably not needed.)

I am totally at a loss as to what could be causing this - - any suggestions?