PIC 18F46K22 Wierdness

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    Default PIC 18F46K22 Wierdness

    Hi All,

    Just spent over three hours trying to find a bug which doesn't appear to be a bug !!!

    I have a couple of include files that I found through this forum that are used to bitbang data to some Neo Pixels on Port B.5 and it works as it should.

    I have another routine that I wrote to send data to some APA102 LEDs and that also work on the PIC that I tested it on and on the one in my current project using Shiftout on A.6 and A.7

    Heres the rub.... If I run the APA102 subroutine the NeoPixel one wont work. By commenting out various lines I proved it was the Shiftout command in the APA102 routine that was breaking the NeoPixel routine.

    I changed the pins used by the APA102 routine from A6/A.7 to E0 and E1 and everything works just fine.

    Can anyone offer a suggestion as to why that should be given that the two were running on different ports ?


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    Default Re: PIC 18F46K22 Wierdness

    Some port configuration data and DEFINES would be of help.
    Dave Purola,

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    Default Re: PIC 18F46K22 Wierdness

    Lots of variables cut out but the config and pin aliases for the relevant pins are shown

    ;----[18F46K22 Hardware Configuration]------------------------------------------
    #IF __PROCESSOR__ = "18F46K22"
      CONFIG  FOSC = INTIO67     ; Internal oscillator block
      CONFIG  PLLCFG = ON        ; Oscillator multiplied by 4
      CONFIG  PRICLKEN = OFF     ; Primary clock can be disabled by software
      CONFIG  FCMEN = OFF        ; Fail-Safe Clock Monitor disabled
      CONFIG  IESO = OFF         ; Oscillator Switchover mode disabled
      CONFIG  PWRTEN = OFF       ; Power up timer disabled
      CONFIG  BOREN = SBORDIS    ; Brown-out Reset enabled in hardware only (SBOREN is disabled)
      CONFIG  BORV = 190         ; VBOR set to 1.90 V nominal
      CONFIG  WDTEN = ON         ; WDT is always enabled. SWDTEN bit has no effect
      CONFIG  WDTPS = 32768      ; 1:32768
      CONFIG  CCP2MX = PORTC1    ; CCP2 input/output is multiplexed with RC1
      CONFIG  PBADEN = OFF       ; PORTB<5:0> pins are configured as digital I/O on Reset
      CONFIG  CCP3MX = PORTB5    ; P3A/CCP3 input/output is multiplexed with RB5
      CONFIG  HFOFST = ON        ; HFINTOSC output and ready status are not delayed by the oscillator stable status
      CONFIG  T3CMX = PORTC0     ; T3CKI is on RC0
      CONFIG  P2BMX = PORTD2     ; P2B is on RD2
      CONFIG  MCLRE = EXTMCLR    ; MCLR pin enabled, RE3 input pin disabled
      CONFIG  STVREN = ON        ; Stack full/underflow will cause Reset
      CONFIG  LVP = OFF          ; Single-Supply ICSP disabled
      CONFIG  XINST = OFF        ; Instruction set extension and Indexed Addressing mode disabled (Legacy mode)
      CONFIG  DEBUG = OFF        ; Disabled
      CONFIG  CP0 = OFF          ; Block 0 (000800-003FFFh) not code-protected
      CONFIG  CP1 = OFF          ; Block 1 (004000-007FFFh) not code-protected
      CONFIG  CP2 = OFF          ; Block 2 (008000-00BFFFh) not code-protected
      CONFIG  CP3 = OFF          ; Block 3 (00C000-00FFFFh) not code-protected
      CONFIG  CPB = OFF          ; Boot block (000000-0007FFh) not code-protected
      CONFIG  CPD = OFF          ; Data EEPROM not code-protected
      CONFIG  WRT0 = OFF         ; Block 0 (000800-003FFFh) not write-protected
      CONFIG  WRT1 = OFF         ; Block 1 (004000-007FFFh) not write-protected
      CONFIG  WRT2 = OFF         ; Block 2 (008000-00BFFFh) not write-protected
      CONFIG  WRT3 = OFF         ; Block 3 (00C000-00FFFFh) not write-protected
      CONFIG  WRTC = OFF         ; Configuration registers (300000-3000FFh) not write-protected
      CONFIG  WRTB = OFF         ; Boot Block (000000-0007FFh) not write-protected
      CONFIG  WRTD = OFF         ; Data EEPROM not write-protected
      CONFIG  EBTR0 = OFF        ; Block 0 (000800-003FFFh) not protected from table reads executed in other blocks
      CONFIG  EBTR1 = OFF        ; Block 1 (004000-007FFFh) not protected from table reads executed in other blocks
      CONFIG  EBTR2 = OFF        ; Block 2 (008000-00BFFFh) not protected from table reads executed in other blocks
      CONFIG  EBTR3 = OFF        ; Block 3 (00C000-00FFFFh) not protected from table reads executed in other blocks
      CONFIG  EBTRB = OFF        ; Boot Block (000000-0007FFh) not protected from table reads executed in other blocks
    ;----[Verify Configs have been specified for Selected Processor]----------------
    ;       Note: Only include this routine once, after all #CONFIG blocks
      #ERROR "No CONFIGs found for [" + __PROCESSOR__ +"]"
    DEFINE  OSC 64             ' Int Osc (16MHz + 4*PLL)
    DEFINE  ADC_BITS        8  ' Set number of bits
    DEFINE  ADC_CLOCK       3  ' Set clock source 
    DEFINE  ADC_SAMPLEUS    50 ' Set sampling time 
    'DEFINE  HSER_SPBRG 9   ' 250 KBaud 
    define  HSER_BAUD 9600
    DEFINE  HSER_CLROERR 1 ' Clear overflow automatically
    define  SHIFT_PAUSEUS 50 ' Speed of shiftout
    ' **** Define LCD Config ****
    DEFINE LCD_DREG    PORTD        ' LCD is connected to Port D
    DEFINE LCD_BITS    4            ' 4 bit mode
    DEFINE LCD_DBIT    4            ' Connected to D.4-D.7 
    DEFINE LCD_RSREG   PORTC        ' RS pin is on Port C
    DEFINE LCD_RSBIT   4            ' RS = C.4
    DEFINE LCD_EREG    PORTC        ' Enable on Port C 
    DEFINE LCD_EBIT    2            ' Enable = C.2
    DEFINE LCD_COMMANDUS 2000       'Command delay time in us
    DEFINE LCD_DATAUS  200          'Data delay time in us
    INCLUDE "DT_INTS-18.bas"       ; Base Interrupt System
    INCLUDE "ReEnterPBP-18.bas"    ; Include if using PBP interrupts
    INCLUDE "Elapsed_INT-18.bas"   ; Elapsed Timer Routines
    OSCCON = %01111000  ' Set to 16MHz Internal Oscillator
    OSCCON2 = %10000100
    OSCTUNE = %01000000
    TRISA = %00001111		
    TRISB = %11011111
    TRISC = %11000000
    TRISD = %00000000
    TRISE = %00000000
    PORTA = %00000000
    PORTB = %00000000
    PORTC = %00000000
    PORTD = %00000000
    PORTE = %00000000
    ANSELA = %00001111  ' AN0-AN3 enabled as Analog Inputs
    ANSELB = %00000000  ' Disable Analog Inputs
    ANSELC = %00000000  ' Disable Analog Inputs
    ANSELD = %00000000  ' Disable Analog Inputs
    ANSELE = %00000000  ' Disable Analog Inputs
    ADCON0=   %11000000
    ADCON1=   %00000000
    ADCON2=   %00000110       
    CM1CON0=  %00000000
    NeoPin        var LATB.5   'NeoPixel Pin
    APAData       var LATE.1
    APAClock      var LATE.0
    It works with APAData and APAClock on Port E but when they are on LATA.7 and LATA.6 then NeoPin stops working


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    Default Re: PIC 18F46K22 Wierdness

    can't help but notice your apa pin aliases are of the latx.y type

    APAData var LATE.1
    APAClock var LATE.0
    that is a definite no no for shiftout command

    but you post no relevant info about the routine so its just a guess

    This is more entertaining than Free to Air TV

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    Default Re: PIC 18F46K22 Wierdness

    Richard is right. you should use the PORT.X designation when defining pins to be used with SHIFTOUT or SHIFTIN.

    APAData var PORTE.1
    APAClock var PORTE.0
    Dave Purola,

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    Default Re: PIC 18F46K22 Wierdness

    Thanks guys, I will try with the PortX.y version instead of LATX.y although what I don't understand is why it works with the LAT commands but only stops something on Port B from working when I am using the LATA.

    I chose to use LAT instead of Port as I read somewhere that on chips with Latch registers you should use those to avoid Read/Modify/Write issues.

    Will report back on my findings after I retest tomorrow evening.


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    Default Re: PIC 18F46K22 Wierdness

    I believe it's basically the same issue as Ioannis had the other day when he tried to use HIGH/LOW on anything but a PORT register.

    Any command that automatically makes the pin in question and input or output (ie clears or sets the TRIS registers for you) must to use PORTx.y
    This is because the compiler uses a hardcoded "offset" to get from the PORT register to the TRIS register.

    On the 18F46K22 this "offset" between any of the PORT registers and their corresponding TRIS registers is 18 so if, for example, you use LATA.0 instead of PORTA.0 as your SHIFTOUT pin the result will be that the compiler clears OSCTUNE.0 instead of TRISA.0.


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    Default Re: PIC 18F46K22 Wierdness

    Many thanks to Richard and Dave for letting me know I should be using PORT instead of LAT and thanks to Henrik for the explanation.

    Making the changes has fixed the issue and also cured a couple of other bits of randomness that were also happening.

    Upto this point the program has basically been proof of concept hence why various subroutines we prototyped on another PIC before being inserted into the main code. Time now to do an upto date printout and get the highlighter pens out to note all the changes I need to make to get my program tidied up and working the way I want it to.

    Thanks again guys.


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