Hello everybody,

I am a little bit lost with my installations.

Since 2009 I have developped several projects with the PIC 18F2685 using PBP 3.0 (and now 3.1) and MPLAB 8.

It is now time to progess and I need to go to the new 18F27K40.
I have understood that I need MPASMX so I need to move to MPLABX at least to take profit from his asm.

But I want to keep my MPLAB 8 environment still valid to maintain my old projects.

Is it possible to have both MPLAB 8 and MPLAB X available on the same machine (not at the same time !) and working with PBP 3.1 ?. What about the connections between MPLAB and PBP in this case ?

Up to now I have PBP 3.1 and MPLAB 8.92 already installed and working. Then I have installed MPLAB X 4.05 and ticked the PBP tool chainbox in the plugins list. Then I tried to make a new project but even if the PBP compiler is listed I cannot select in the list of compilers when MPLAB ask it.

I suspect that I did not respect some sequence somewhere and that some links are not established between the various applications. What should be the proper sequence for this installation ?

Moreover, I am not sure to use the MPLAB X IDE. I have tryied it six months ago for a 24F development in C. It was a real nightmare ! I am hesitating in using MCSPX instead. Where should I introduce it in my sequence of installation ?

Many thanks for your help.