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    I'm confused and having trouble finding the relevant/latest files to implement the Elapsed timer on my 18F2620 running at 32mhz.

    It appears DT Elapsed timer went through several updates but i can't find the final/latest files to download.
    I have googled around and read a lot of stuff on here.

    It appears i need the DT base interrupt system and the DT 18F elapsed timer file.
    Can anyone please help me out with the correct files?

    I tried several miss mash versions and currently have a compile error

    I presume i need these two lines or similar at the beginning of my program.
    I believe the Interrupt system has to be first.

    include "DT_INTS-18.bas"
    Include "Elapsed_INT-18.bas"

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    Default Re: DT Elapsed Timer

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    Default Re: DT Elapsed Timer

    OK that's great thanks but i'm now struggling to calculate the constant for a 32mhz pic.

    If OSC == 32
    TimerConst = 063C3h ?????

    I tried mister e-calculator and it suggested 45537 at 1/4 or 24439 at 1/2 but I think DT Elapsed runs at 1/1 which is too fast for 100hz ticks..???
    Anyway it's not counting the seconds correctly. I'm sure the pic is running at 32mhz..

    Pic multicalc won't run on my machine windows 7 64 bit it's complaining about a missing msstdfmt.dll.
    I've downloaded it but i can't register it for some reason.. dll register server failed..
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