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    Question Sharing a USART

    I have two external devices that I want to communicate with through the USART. I have a 28 pin maximum package in an 18F chip, so only a single UART. One of the modules has a CTS pin, one does not. Since I am working at 115200 baud, my other option is to use DEBUG, but I'd really like to do it in hardware. Any ideas? While I'm at it, can DEBUG work at some other non standard baud rate? Like 105 K baud for instance.


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    have u tried using serout2 and serin2. i had the same problem b4 i need one to control a hf modem and another to communicate with a gps module. the modem connected with a max232 via pin c6 and c7 the standard rx tx pins while i just used porta.0 and a.1 for serin2 and serout3 with the gps module and everything is ok.. yes u can also use a specific baudrate. no need a level converter. read the manual for more info on serout and serin command.

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