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    Default Problems posting private messages

    I am having problems posting private messages. I keep getting logged off with every attempt. I thought I would try a forum message to see if I have the same problem.


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    Default Re: Problems posting private messages

    I am still getting logged off the forum with just about everything I do (Reading messages, trying to post,...). I also just noticed that there doesn't seem to be anyone posting new messages. The newest message I see in the Picbasic Pro forum is from me on Jul 27. This doesn't seem possible since there are plenty of people using the forum. Is it possible that there are new posts that I can't see?


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    Default Re: Problems posting private messages

    Hi Jim,
    I don't know why you're getting logged off all the time. I get that sometimes when it takes a while for me to write a reply, then when I get to post it I need to re-login. On the other hand, I only do login when I'm actually replying or posting somehthing so I don't know. It feels like there's a timeout that logs you out automatically and that it could benefit from being increased but again I don't know and apart from contacting Lester (which anyone can do) I can't really say or do much more.

    And yes, the forum has been quite slow the last couple of days but that's just how it is sometimes, plus it's been slow for quite a while now, I guess all questions have been answered or people have moved to Arduino or other platforms.

    I still haven't looked at your problem with the I2C controlled amplifier but I'll try to find some time (and motivation) for it.


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    Default Re: Problems posting private messages

    No idea what it is.

    I was able to send you a PM, saw your reply, and I never log off the forum. I always see DEMON up there at top right.

    Not as dumb as yesterday, but stupider than tomorrow!

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