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    Default Programming PIC18f45k20

    I try to use the PIC18f45k20 for my next project,I need the LONG variable of the device supported,I'm using the TQFP version and try to use the PICKIT 3 to program it,how do I connect the pickit 3 LVP to the MCU?I know is the 6th pic of the pickit 3but how to do it?

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    There is no need for the LVP use (I think it is not very reliable).

    You have to use at least the +Vdd, Gnd, Reset, Clk and Data lines of the PicKit3 and connect them to your MCU.

    Best is that this lines are not loaded during the programming. Otherwise, maybe you have to use on board power supply, use isolation to Reset or/and to Clk and Data lines.

    If you power your MCU from the tool, you have to check the power option from the IDE (Power/Power Target Circuit from Tool).

    The attached image shows detailes about the best possible electrical connections for error free programming.

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