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    We are trying to get one off the list of supported chips that

    will work on our Olimex protoboard.

    I see one problem. Does Pro Basic only support 4mhz clock speeds?

    Looks like we're headed to breadboarding first chip on list. 12F683.

    Will be programming it with clone PICKit 3 and then serial progamming with PIC Basic.

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    PBP supports 14 different oscillator speeds, check the manual, section 2.3.1.

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    Thank you.

    What are the steps to have bootloader on the 12F683 or another chip that supports a bootlader?

    Haven't seen anything about that in manuals.

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    That's because PicBasic is not designed to program chips via a bootloader by default.

    Firstly you need a PIC that supports the use of a bootloader, which I don't think the 12F683 does as it can't self write to its flash memory.

    Once you have a PIC that does support a bootloader, you need a PIC programmer that supports the PIC you want to use to write the bootloader code into the PICs memory. Then you can use whatever application to communicate with the PIC via it's UART (serial or USB depending on the chip's built in functions and hardware).

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