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    Default Terminal Program for TCP

    Unless, as in the past, I am behind in technology and this is readily available,
    In the interest of easier communications with PIC over IP network, and ultimately a SSE.... server side events type protocol so PIC data can be easily viewed on a web page, I have a (pretty good so far) windows terminal program made in vb.net.
    Any interest in that functioning to work on this task.

    Basically, I use a wifi module in serial pass-through mode. My terminal allows viewing of data, sending( continuous or on-button press) and differing views of data, hex, ascii, dec and later filtering..... so far you can connect to it from a web page and test your response's back so ultimately you can place your responses in PIC memory for sending.

    Name:  tcp.JPG
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    Default Re: Terminal Program for TCP

    Very nice.

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