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    Default How to Design 5V power supply?

    I want to learn how to design power supply source of 5V some amps from 220V AC To DC

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    Default Re: How to Design 5V power supply?

    Hello RITESH,
    you can check this video out!!
    If you are a begginer with electronics then i would suggest you to buy a new power supply from your electronics store, in order to avoid accidents with 220v AC line.
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    Default Re: How to Design 5V power supply?

    Hi RITESH!
    You might also consider buying a multi-voltage output bench supply so you are not limited to only 5v dc. Not sure what your application is and if you are experimenting with different projects you may need 12v dc, or 9v dc, or???


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    Default Re: How to Design 5V power supply?

    I use old PC power supplies: 12, 5, 3.3 and any combination you want.

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