A USB hub may be a device that expands one Universal Serial Bus (USB) port into many in order that there square measure additional ports on the market to attach devices to a number system, like an influence strip.

USB hubs square measure usually designed into instrumentality like computers, keyboards, monitors, or printers. once such a tool has several USB ports, all of them sometimes stem from one or 2 internal USB hubs instead of every port having freelance USB electronic equipment.

Physically separate USB hubs are available in a good sort of kind factors: from external boxes (looking like associate degree LAN or network hub) connectible with an extended cable, to little styles that may be directly blocked into a USB port (see the "compact design" picture). within the middle case, there square measure "short cable" hubs which generally use associate degree integral 6-inch cable to slightly distance alittle hub aloof from physical port congestion and in fact increase the quantity of obtainable ports.

Laptop computers is also equipped with several USB ports, however associate degree external USB hub will consolidate many everyday devices (like a mouse and a printer) into one hub to modify ballroom dancing attachment and removal of all the devices.

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