Kenwood AG-203A Oscillator

eBay item number: 222304431661


  • All solid-state circuitry ensure extreme high stability, minimum warm-up time and less power consumption.
  • High reliability with adoption of direct coupled circuits throughout the entire stage.
  • Compact styling with vertical type panel for easy operation.
  • Frequency dial scale calibrated with single-scale graduations for frequency range 10Hz to 1MHz selectable in 5 ranges.
  • High output design; more than 7V rms at no load and more than 3.5V rms at 600Ω
  • Output level is fully adjustable with a 10dB step, 6 range attenuator and a level indicator.
  • Low output impedance of 600 Ω
  • The attenuator provides accuracy of 1dB at 600 Ω load.
  • Sine and Square waves easily available.


Frequency Range
x 1 range; 10Hz - 100Hz
X 10 range; 100Hz- 1 KHz
xlOO range; IKHz- lOKHz
X IK range; lOKHz-IOOKHz
x1 OK range; lOOKHz - 1MHz

400Hz - 20KHZ, 0.1% or less
100Hz- lOOKHz, 0.3% or
less (x 1 0 range for 1 0OHz)
50Hz - 200KHZ, 0.5% or less
20HZ-500KHZ, 1% or less
10Hz- 1MHz, 1.5% or less

Operating Voltage
AC 100V (120V, 220V or 240V)
50-60Hz 5 Watts