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    Default "select language" box at the top causes problems

    Am I the only one that is constantly bothered by the "Select Language" box in the forum header??
    It seems that just when I am ready to click on a link to go somewhere in the forum then the "select language" box populates in the header causing all the various links to shift down and my mouse misfires on the wrong link.

    Would it be possible to have the "select language" box not cause the header geometry to shift down each time it finally populates??

    thanks to all the administrators for all you do!!
    And for this great forum!
    These PIC's are like intricate puzzles just waiting for one to discover their secrets and MASTER their capabilities.

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    Default Re: "select language" box at the top causes problems

    I never have this problem. Box stays compact until down arrow is clicked.

    They/them/those must not like you. Aren't you being moderated? What did you do to deserve these aggravations?

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    Default Re: "select language" box at the top causes problems

    What browser do you use? Works fine on Chrome and Firefox.
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