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Thread: ESP_BasicPro?!

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    Default ESP_BasicPro?!

    These last couple of months I have been playing around with the ESP8266 wifi module.

    I have been dabbling with all development platforms (native AT, Lua, Arduino-for-ESP IDE et al), and I confess its been an uphill task, specially after having been spoilt by the ease of use of PBP.

    Seeing the similarities between the microcontraller on the ESP (as also its raw power), I was just wondering, how easy life would be if Melabs were to launch a product like the PBP, ported to the ESP?

    This might not be as far-fetched as it sounds, as the Arduino folks have done something similar; one can use the Arduino IDE with an 'ESP patch' to directly program the ESP, without involving an actual ARduino. So, in effect, most resources available to the Almel folks using the Arduino IDE are now made available for the ESP8266.

    Just a thought! Shall definitely be one of the first customers!


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    Default Re: ESP_BasicPro?!

    This is not a bad idea. ESP8266 is a very very cheap module and it's popularity has gone real high !!
    Xapmanis Approves :P
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    Default Re: ESP_BasicPro?!

    Lets have a real update of the PBP to current PIC chips and even better to 24F series or dsPIC ones (I do not dare t ask PIC32...) and then we can dream on ESP.

    Its been too long waiting and people do not like it.


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