Just setting up the new PIC10F32x Development Board which is both a really extreme chip and a really nice experimenter platform.

Only $12!

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However, it appears to need different configuration settings from the less sophisticated 10F2xx series. (Uses RA0/RA1/RA2/RA3 parlance instead of GPIO.0/GPIO.1/GPIO.2/GPIO.4. Likewise not sure of how to set the usual...

GPIO = %00000000 ' GPIO All OFF
TRISIO = %00001001 ' Inputs = 1, Outputs = 0
OSCCAL.0 = 0 ' Disable INTOSC/4 Out on GP2 (Enable I/O on GP2)
OPTION_REG.5 = 0 ' Disable TRIS override on T0CKI (Enable I/O on GP2)
OPTION_REG.6 = 1 ' Disable Weak Pull-Ups (GP0, GP1, GP3)
OPTION_REG.7 = 0 ' Enable Wake-Up on Pin Change (GPO, GP1, GP3)

I have surfed the net for a PICBASIC PRO example to clarify but have found none.

There used to be INC files that showed syntax examples but have not located anything for this new part.

The data sheet does detail the myriad of new options but I'm just stuck on the basics.

(My immediate objective is just make the LEDs and the pushbutton do something.)


The data sheet was too big to attach so here is the link: