Especially for NEW MEMBERS, How to get banned.

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    Default Especially for NEW MEMBERS, How to get banned.

    How to get banned:
    1. Post messages to your, or other member's message area that has nothing to do with PIC micro controllers or M E Labs Pic Basic.
    2. Include commercial web links to sites which have nothing to do with PIC micro controllers or M E Labs PIC Basic.
    3. Post irrelevant links, descriptions, adverts etc . . . to your bio area, especially if it is of commercial nature.
    4. Post snarky, mean spirited, offensive comments. Newbies automatic ban, non newbies get points or ban (depends upon intensity).
    5. Drag up some old inactive thread and post some inane useless comment. We understand this activity to be a place holder for later signature spam. It will not work. Your user ID will be terminated as will your comment.
    6. Bio spam, espousing your business. This does not describe you, it promotes your business, activities.
    7.Home pages which are not PIC related.
    This is your forum. Lester has GRACIOUSLY provided it for you, without remuneration. For this I am grateful, and as such, work hard to keep it SPAM FREE. If you find some spam, especially OLD SPAM, please report it. I would ask you to link to the post, rather than copy paste as that just doubles it's exposure to the web bots. By keeping out the spam, our visibility on the search engines is enhanced, which unfortunately makes us a larger target to the spammers.

    This Forum is to discuss, and promote PIC BASIC PRO, to assist and learn from others. It is NOT HERE TO PROMOTE YOUR NON PIC BUSINESS, YOUR FACEBOOK EXPERIENCE, REAL ESTATE, WEB DESIGNER or other such uses.

    Some commercial enterprises have been given a little leeway in the ADVERTS area, most notable are the PCB manufacturers, as Lester believes this to be of service to you. No need to report them.

    Thank You,
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    Default Re: Especially for NEW MEMBERS, How to get banned.

    To report a post, click on the exclamation point in a triangular icon under the post, enter a brief message (just Spam is good) and click Report.

    We will see it pop up in a separate area and will take appropriate action.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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