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    Default Used Saleae Logic for sale

    Just upgraded to a Logic 8 and have an original Logic for $75 plus shipping. The software can downloaded here.
    This device has saved me hours of frustration getting my devices using I2C or Async serial data off the ground.

    Never driven off road or raced and used in a smoke free environment.
    Includes all that came with it: Logic, USB cable, 9 pin header signal leads and micro-hook probes all in a nice carrying case.

    Yeah, I've seen the clones out there for $10. It's a shame that the theft of these two brothers' hard work can be perpetuated even by name brand online dealers as well.

    PM me if interested and I will send you a PayPal invoice.


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    Default Re: Used Saleae Logic for sale

    I have one and I consider it invaluable to confirm timing between pulses. Also awesome to debug USART and other protocols.


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