Good morning,
I'm facing a problem using DT instant interrupts and a bootloader I've wrote by myself using PBP.
The chip I'm using is a 18F4685 and the bootloader is located at the bottom of the memory map, about 0x17620.

I'm going to the bootloader section using a @ goto 0x17620 from the main program.
The problem is that the bootloader keep resetting the chip. I suppose because there is still some interrupt vector mapped because of the use of the DT instant interrupts.

If I move in the other way round, meaning the bootloader on the top and the main program at 0x00B00, everything SEEMS to works as expected: bootloader correctly do the job, the main program too.... BUT DT instant interrupts does not fire anymore.
Probably because at location 0x0008 there is something else, related to the code of the bootloader...

So, the question is:
How to use the DT instant interrupts into the main program, once the main program has been relocated by the directive RESET_ORG?
How to keep the main program on the top of the memory (so the DT interrupts are happy) but preventing them to destroy the path of the bootloader? Can I disable the instant interrupts in the bootloader code?

P.S. The instant interrupts I've enabled are 2: TMR1_INT (every 100ms) and RX_INT.

Best regards, and thank in advance.