NeoPixels with PicBASIC: a working solution
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    Default NeoPixels with PicBASIC: a working solution

    Hello everyone,
    I thought it would be appropriate to start a new thread. In the original thread I posted 127934 a link about a tutorial how to use NeoPixels on a PIC. I converted it to PicBASIC with a little twist to make it work:

    Iím running it on a PIC18F25K22 @40MHz.

    DISCLAMER: itís not pretty. GOSUBs cost too much processor time and FOR/NEXT loop cost a little too much too so I had to sacrifice some code space. Itís not that bad because when you are using NeoPixels you donít have the luxury of making a sophisticated firmware...

    So, see the attached files and give it a try. Be welcome to improve it! WATCHOUT: my includes files a in a subfolder, you may have to modify the paths.
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