Hi guys , this has taken some time for microchip to comeback to me to confirm the doco is wrong in this family for table 12.2 on port A RA4 , bit4 ,
is shown as an analog port in the doco on this table , but should be RA5 ANSEL4

the update may take time to be done in the errata for this family

Problem Description:
datasheet PIC18F87K22

page 171 -
table 12.2 - summery of registers with port A


however bit4 of port A is NOT an analog port

Problem Resolution:
Hi Sheldon,

Good Day.

Thank you for writing to us and pointing out this inconsistency in the datasheet.
Looking at Table 12-2, I think the ANSEL4 should be for port RA5 since this port is multiplexed with AN4 which is an analog signal(See Table 12-1).
I have already reported this inconsistency to our documentation team and this should be corrected for the future version of datasheet.

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