ENC28J60 SPI Not Working

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    Default ENC28J60 SPI Not Working

    Hi, Over the past few days I've been messing with an ENC28J60 from Microchip. I've connected it up with what I believe to be all the correct external components and I've connected the SPI interface to a PIC. The chip links up with my switch correctly but for some reason the chip doesn't seem to react to anything I send it over SPI.

    I've tried a simple program on the PIC that accepts serial data from a PC and forwards it to the ENC, I've tried sending commands directly from the PIC and my final effort was to bitbang data to it. I even tried adding LEDs to all the pins involved and slowing it right down and I can confirm that the pins match the SPI input timing (Figure 4-1) as defined in the datasheet exactly. I also tried LEDs while using the PICs SPI and they all flashed quickly proving that the PICs SPI was functioning.

    So far I can't make the ENC do anything. I've tried reading registers which always returns a blank reply and I've tried writing to PHY registers to make the LED outputs react differently and even a simple reset command. None have any effect on either of the 2 chips I've been testing with.

    I'm completely out of ideas now. I hope someone can help me.

    ENC28J60 Datasheet

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    Default Re: ENC28J60 SPI Not Working


    Still have the sources????

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