2 Axes USB HID Descriptor problem

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    Question 2 Axes USB HID Descriptor problem

    Hi everyone,

    This is the first time I make usb project with pics but and i read a lot about configuring the Descriptor file.

    I just need x and y axes coming from to POTs feeding AN0 and AN1

    Windows can recognize my device as joystick but not showing the axes.

    I am using PIC18F2550 and there is no extra things the PIC should do

    can any one help me in configuring the Descriptor file, my project is in the attachment

    Thank you in advancemyproject.zip

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    Default Re: 2 Axes USB HID Descriptor problem

    I could go a head one step and everything seems to be well but only on the simulation program, but on realty the two values are always zero and they are not changing while the analog signals change and I also tried to post constant values to find out where the problem is but it think it is from the descriptor file.

    I think my Descriptor is still have something wrong so would anyone help me to find what's wrong in my descriptor?

    Thank you

        ; USAGE_PAGE (Generic Desktop)
        retlw	0x05		
        retlw	0x01
        ;retlw	0xFF
        ; USAGE (Joystick)
        retlw	0x09
        retlw	0x05
        ; collection(application)
        retlw	0xA1
        retlw	0x01
        ;usage (Pointer)
        ;retlw 0x09      
        ;retlw 0x01
        ;usage (Phiscal)
        ;retlw 0xA1      
        ;retlw 0x00  
        ; *** INPUT REPORT ***
        ; usage(X)
        retlw	0x09
        retlw	0x33
        retlw	0x19
        retlw	0x34
        retlw	0x15 	; logical minimum (-128)
        retlw	0x80    ;
        retlw	0x25 	; logical maximum (127)
        retlw	0x7F
        retlw	0x75 	; Report Size (8)
        retlw	0x08    ;
        retlw	0x95 	; Report count(2)
        retlw	0x02   ;
        ; Input (Data, Variable, Absolute)
        retlw	0x81
        retlw	0x02
        retlw   0xC0       	   ; end collection
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    Default Re: 2 Axes USB HID Descriptor problem

    TronicBrain did you sort this out yet?

    I dug through some of my old examples and found this - not sure if it works but it might get ou in the right direction. I haven't played with pics in a long time so bit rusty.

        RETLW 0x05  
        RETLW 0x01                      ; USAGE_PAGE (Generic Desktop)
        RETLW 0x09  
        RETLW 0x04                      ; USAGE (Joystick)
        RETLW 0xa1  
        RETLW 0x01                      ; COLLECTION (Application)
        RETLW 0x09  
        RETLW 0x01                      ;   USAGE (Pointer)
        RETLW 0xa1  
        RETLW 0x00                      ;   COLLECTION (Physical)
        RETLW 0x95  
        RETLW 0x02                      ;     REPORT_COUNT (2)
        RETLW 0x75  
        RETLW 0x08                      ;     REPORT_SIZE (8)
        RETLW 0x15  
        RETLW 0x00                      ;     LOGICAL_MINIMUM (0)
        RETLW 0x26  
        RETLW 0xff  
        RETLW 0x00              	    ;     LOGICAL_MAXIMUM (255)
        RETLW 0x35  
        RETLW 0x00                      ;     PHYSICAL_MINIMUM (0)
        RETLW 0x46  
        RETLW 0xff  
        RETLW 0x00                      ;     PHYSICAL_MAXIMUM (255)
        RETLW 0x09  
        RETLW 0x30                      ;     USAGE (X)
        RETLW 0x09  
        RETLW 0x31                      ;     USAGE (Y)
        RETLW 0x81  
        RETLW 0x02                      ;     INPUT (Data Var Abs)
        RETLW 0xc0                            ;     END_COLLECTION
        RETLW 0xc0                            ; END_COLLECTION

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