led neon flex sign lighting is something we understand better than almost every other supplier. We know led sign lighting because we actually use what we sell. Instead of trying to sell you a few boxes of basic led components we give you the ability to let someone else handle the entire project for you. With an impressive range of production plant available to you your led based sign and display projects can be delivered in a complete, ready to go format.
As a sign maker you want led sign lighting which is quick and easy to install. You want to be able to task anyone in your organisation, no matter how junior, with the installation of led lighting. You need affordable prices and you need a range of led lighting which delivers a solution to any project you might be asked to complete.

As you can see from this night time photograph the use of led technology doesn't have to be a compromise- light levels can be compared with conventional methods.
Above all these things you want led sign lighting which is reliable and durable. You don't want constant comebacks and service calls to repair led lighting which has failed for one reason or another.
Because we actually manufacture signs and displays for people like you we know exactly what you need from led sign lighting systems.