Usb to serial converter with pic18f

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    Default Usb to serial converter with pic18f

    I'm working on redesign device which have PL2303 and few passives components, and transistors. My idea is to replace PL2303 with PIC18F and to add more functionality.
    But I do not know how to send serial port settings(baud rate, parity, etc) from PC to PIC.
    Does any one have idea where to start? Custom drivers for windows

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    Default Re: Usb to serial converter with pic18f

    Just found that microchip usb stack 2.x support notification system when baud rate is changed on host.
    Is there any way to implement that on existing cdc example for PBP?

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    Default Re: Usb to serial converter with pic18f

    I run into same issue, again. I needed to create full serial port emulator, like FT232, and to do some other things with pic.
    I spent almost a week, trying to get C to work, and decided to give PBP another try.
    This time with good result.
    To get baud rate, parity and stop bits from original CDC demo, use this code
        BaudRate var long BANKA SYSTEM
        StopBits Var	Byte BANKA SYSTEM ;0=1 stop bit, 2=2 stop bit
        ParityType Var	Byte BANKA SYSTEM
        DataBits Var	Byte BANKA SYSTEM
    Main: ' original code from CDC example
        GOSUB GetLineCoding 'get baudrate etc... Should do that regularly and check if anything is changed
     	movlb	high _USBMEMORYADDRESS	; Point to proper bank
    	movf	line_coding + dwDTERate, W
    	movwf   BaudRate 
        movf	line_coding + dwDTERate + 1, W
    	movwf   BaudRate + 1
    	movf	line_coding + dwDTERate + 2, W
    	movwf   BaudRate + 2
    	movf	line_coding + dwDTERate + 3, W
        movwf   BaudRate + 3
    	movf	line_coding + bCharFormat, W	 
    	movwf   StopBits
    	movf	line_coding + bParityType, W	 
        movwf   ParityType
    	movf	line_coding + bDataBits, W	 
    	movwf   DataBits

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