I'm sure I'm going to say duh to this but here goes.

Question first, how do I display a number greater than 255 in a virtual terminal. I'm using a 12F683, PBP3 in a Proteus simulator. I want to do something like this:

x var word
y var word
z var word
z = y * x
serout2 dec z ' I know some stuff is missing. Just giving you an idea of what I'm doing.

Using this scenario z equals 400. When I send it out to the terminal I get 144 displayed because the largest z can be is 255. The binary of 400 is 1 1001 0000 but I only get the last 8 bits sent out, 1001 0000, to the display which is 144.

Please don't smack me down too hard. Thanks for your time.