Graphic LCD display module design advice

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    Default Graphic LCD display module design advice

    Hi All,

    Im embarking into realms unknown on a design project and Id appreciate some advice to help me choose the proper path. After some time Ive finally found an LCD that Id really like to use in a project, a CrystalFontz CFAX12864T-TFH. This is a 128 x 64 graphic LCD with LED backlight which uses a Novatek NT7534 controller capable of 8-bit Parallel or SPI communication. Id like to interface it to a PIC microcontroller programmed with PBP. There will also be an Intersema MS5541 pressure sensor in the mix.
    Minimum I/O needed with SPI:

    1 PMW: LCD Back light
    1 Digital: In Push Button
    5 Analog: Sensors
    ICSDAT: In Circuit Serial Programming
    ICSCLK: In Circuit Serial Programming

    SPI MCLK: Intersema MS5541 pressure sensor (and LCD ?).
    SPI SCLK: Intersema MS5541 pressure sensor (and LCD ?).
    SPI Din: Intersema MS5541 pressure sensor (and LCD ?).
    SPI Dout: Intersema MS5541 pressure sensor (and LCD ?).

    Since the MS5541 doesnt have a CS pin Id have to add a 3-state buffer to isolate the Dout if I also used SPI to talk to the LCD display.

    2 Digital outs: Chip Selects

    I guess my first question is whether I should use SPI or 8-bit Parallel to talk to the LCD graphic display module? There wont be any fast screen changes, maybe updates every second. I dont have a grasp for the amount of time it would take to do a total screen refresh if I used SPI versus 8-bit parallel.

    If I use 8-bit parallel and program in PBP .. just how do I go about doing that? PBP LCDxxx commands are designed to be used with Hitachi 44780 controller, not the Novatek NT7534 controller on the CrystalFontz display. Would I have to develop my own module to handle the timing etc ?

    I did buy the CFA-10021 demo board to play around with the display before I decided if it was what I wanted to use. Theres C code available on the CrystalFontz web site for the demo board that uses an Atmea2561 micro, Im starting to look at it, but Im not a C programmer

    Any assistance in pushing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated,

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    Default Re: Graphic LCD display module design advice

    I have a Tri-T graphic display (132 x 32) using the serial interface. Filling the screen and clearing it is almost instant with a 8mHz PIC. You should have no trouble using the SPI interface especially if you are updating only part of the screen.


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