DuringJune 5th—June 30th, 2012 Beijing Glichn has the activity—SMT and PCBassembly equipments promotion.
Promotionproducts include reflow oven with conveyor system, PCB screen printer andsolder paste mixer.
Detailmodels are lead free reflow oven AR400, reflowoven with PC and software AR400C, lead free reflow oven R50; PCB manualstencil printer SP40, SMT semi automatic screen printer SP500; solderpaste mixer XM500.
Abovereflow ovens are middle volume; lead free reflow solder AR400 and AR400C arefour temperature zones; R50 reflow oven is five heating zones in the machine.They can connect with PCBmagazine loader, inspection station and wavesolder machines to make automatic production line.
AboutPCB screen printer, manual models will be used together withbenchtop reflow oven like SR352C, PCB test video microscope; Semiautomatic screen printer SP500 can connect with automatic PCB loader, highspeed automatic pick and place machine, lead free reflow oven R50 which canmake perfect PCB assembly line.
Theactivity time is almost one month, this is good chance for people wanted orwill to invest SMT or PCB equipments to find economical and good performancemachines.